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Large Size Motors

Reach new heights with these large size motors by Estes.  Large motors are sizes covers C11 and greater.  eHobbies carries Estes C11-0 through C11-7 and Estes D12-0 through D12-7.

Estes C11 Motors have a higher thrust curve than other C class motors allowing for higher flights or to launch larger rockets.  Most Estes D 12 engines are all single stage engines offering the greatest amount of power for heavy rockets or to send lighter rockets to truly stellar heights.  Estes C11-0 and D12-0 motors are booster stage engines and contain no delay or ejection charge.

Each Estes rocket motor is manufactured to the highest standards and are incredibly reliable. Care must be taken to match the correct engine with your rocket. Typically rocket kits will suggest a “first launch” motor preference. Once your rocket has launched a few times and proven reliable, larger motors may be used.  To learn more about Estes motor classifications visit our Rocketry FAQ or view our Rocketry technical papers in our document library.

Remember, higher altitude is not always advisable.  If you are launching in a local park or near a wooded area, a high flight might make retrieval of your rocket difficult. Always match your rocket and its motor with other considerations such as launch location, wind conditions and visibility.  If your launch field is small or you experience windy weather conditions, a lower total impulse engine may be a better option.  Rockets with heavier payloads may need engines with shorter time delays than typically recommended for the same rocket without a payload.