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Novak Goat Crawler Brushless Motor/ESC System: 18.5 - 3019

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Novak Goat Crawler Brushless Motor/ESC System: 18.5 - 3019
Skill LevelAdvanced
Age Level14+
Item #: NOV3019
List Price: $249.00
eHobbies Price: $179.99
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FeaturesAs the R/C crawling segment gains popularity, the need for crawler-specific equipment has become greater. Novak is happy to fill the need with the Crawler Sintered Brushless System (#3019), which includes one sensor-based, 18.5-turn Crawler Brushless Motor factory-wired to a new XBR-based Crawler Brushless ESC. Novak has always felt that brushless technology is an ideal fit for crawling applications due to their instant throttle response, super low-speed drivability, and explosive torque — the very features crawling enthusiasts look for.

As any crawler aficionado can tell you, crawler vehicles require precise movement control at very low speeds. That being said, it makes sense to use equipment specifically designed for this purpose. Enter Novak Electronics. One of the few, if not the only R/C manufacturer, who offer electronic products specifically designed for crawlers. The sensor-based Crawler Brushless System is equipped with features that enable crawlers to climb over, maneuver through, and conquer the most challenging terrain.

XBR-BASED ESC WITH CRAWLER SPECIFIC FEATURES The Crawler Brushless ESC is based on Novak’s XBR Sport ESC, which has been outfitted with crawler-specific software. It is equipped with an improved 6 volt/ 5 amp BEC that’s perfect for super high-torque servos in crawling conditions. Its Zero Reverse Delay allows instant power delivery in both forward and reverse when needed. Adjustable, high-power Drag Brakes, also known as “hold” or “hill” brakes, provide monster holding power that’s especially useful when embarking on a downhill descent. The Crawler ESC also has two throttle profiles: one with standard motor rotation, another with reverse motor rotation. In either profile, users can enable or disable built-in Li-Po cut-off protection, which monitors the vehicle’s Lithium Polymer battery pack’s voltage, and prevents the batteries from going below the critical safety voltage level.

GREAT MOTOR FEATURES The Crawler Brushless Motor still includes the same great features that have made it popular, plus it now includes a significant upgrade: a sintered rotor. The Crawler Brushless Motor now includes the same high-performance sintered rotor that Novak’s Velociti-series motors currently use. The rotor is ideal for use with any and all applications, and provides the following benefits:

Significantly increased magnetic strength for improved throttle feel Improved, stronger motor braking power Improved performance in higher temperature conditions Improved motor acceleration and power Higher efficiency Lower current draw Nickel-plated for a long lasting, smooth, clean finish

Popular features left intace include a larger, more rugged front bearing for extra durability and extended life (same bearing used in Novak’s Velociti-series motors). It still sports ribbed aluminum end bells, and the same popular solder tab system that is used in Novak’s Velociti-series motors. The lower-resistance solder tabs allow for more flexible soldering options, and are extremely efficient and easy to use. The solder tabs provide the lowest possible voltage drop, and allow for easy and convenient power wire replacement.

Specifically designed for R/C vehicles that require precise movement control
Sensor-based technology for excellent low-speed driveability
High-strength Sintered rotor for unmatched performance
Oversized Front Bearing for extra durability and extended life
Aluminum ribbed end bells for additional cooling
Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs for flexible soldering options
Ideal for vehicles that have separate transmissions like the Tamiya® Clod Buster™
Minimal Maintenance
Low cogging
Designed and assembled by Novak in the USA using globally-sourced components
Input Voltage: 4-7 Ni-Cd/Ni-MH cells (1.2V/cell) or 2S Li-Po cells
Footprint: 1.54in x 1.18in
Weight: 2.84 oz. (80.7 g) w/wires; 1.49 oz. (42.2 g) w/o wires
Throttle Programs: 2
Status LEDs: 4
BEC: Heavy-duty 6.0 volt/5.0 amp
Motor Limit: 18.5-turn brushless
On-Resistance: 0.0012 ohms (per each phase-3)
Rated & Braking Current: 120 amps per phase*
Power Wires: 14-Gauge
Discrete Steps: 1024 (512 forward, 512 brake/reverse)
Battery Plug: Tamiya
Motor Plug: None
Voltage Cut-off: 6.25 volts (when Li-Poly Cut-off Circuitry is enabled)
Motor/Battery Wire: 14-Gauge Silicone
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