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Rock Tumblers & Gem Polishers

Rock tumbling is a hobby steadily growing in popularity. eHobbies has an extensive selection of top quality rock tumblers and accessories for prices more than 20% off retail prices! Our rock polishers are the actual tools used by serious hobbyists to ensure the best results. Choose from rotating or vibratory rock tumblers in an array of sizes. If you are new to the hobby, jumpstart your collection with a rock tumbler kit or replace supplies with our selection of replacement rock tumbler grit, polish, replacement barrels and much more. Rock tumbling became popular during the 1970s. This process, through which an ordinary rock is smoothed and polished to a semi-precious stone, requires patience and careful adherence to four steps over a period of about 4-5 weeks. The finished product can then provide decorative accents for your home (such as filling a clear glass vase or candle holder) or may be fashioned into stylish jewelry.