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Estes Beginner KitsEstes Beginner Kits

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Estes E2X Intermediate Kits

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No matter what skill level or how experienced you are model with rockets, eHobbies has the perfect rocket kit for you! Whether you are a true beginner or an experienced rocketeer, you can find something for your level. We carry a wide selection of model rocket kits from the leading names in model rocketry, Estes, Quest Aerospace and AeroTech.

Model rocket kits are typically ranked by skill level, with Level 1 being the easiest and Level 5 the most difficult. In addition, Estes has released a line of rockets that are for absolute beginners and are therefore easier to assemble than Level 1 kits.

Here is a brief description of each skill level category:

Estes Ready To Fly Rockets 
Estes Ready To Fly (RTF) rockets are the perfect for beginners or groups of young children. These model rocket kits come already assembled, do not require any paint, glue or modeling skills, and are ready for lift-off in just minutes.

Estes E2X (Easy to Assemble) Beginner Kits
Estes E2X rocket kits contain parts that are colored and easy to assemble. They are designed for beginners that want to do some minor assembly and building for their rocket. Following the enclosed instructions, simply glue the parts together, apply the self-stick decals, and attach the recovery system (parachute or streamer). Assembly time takes one hour or less. Estes E2X rockets are the perfect beginner kits for Cub Scouts, Indian Guides and any other supervised youth groups from ages 6-11.

Skill Level 1
Estes beginner rocket kits & Quest beginner rocket kits are Level 1 kits, requiring a small amount of modeling experience, these kits require some painting, gluing and sanding to complete. Step-by-step instructions make building very easy, however the assembly time can take one to three hours. Adult supervision is advisable for student’s ages 11 and older. Level 1 rockets are typically single stage.

Skill Level 2
Estes intermediate rocket kits & Quest intermediate rocket kits are the first tier of more advanced level rocket kits. These kits require modest modeling expertise and usually take the better part of a day to finish. Level 2 rockets may be single or multi-staged.

Skill Levels 3, 4 & 5
Estes advanced rocket kits, Quest advanced rocket kits and AeroTech pro skill level kits represent the top tiers of advanced model rocket kits. These kits require advanced to expert modeling expertise in construction and finishing. Assembly time for advanced rocket kits may take a couple of days and offer as much of a technical challenge in assembly as they do in launch sophistication.